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To The Queen's Taste

Fit for a Queen - priced for a commoner


Eccles Cakes

Our prize winning cakes smell heavenly while baking in our ovens beneath a fabulous canopy of caramelized honey and burnt sugar...

The crispy round puff confections have a delicately crusty top and come sprinkled with sugar just moments before they are popped into the oven - after all the taste of the cake should be the crispness of the puff: virgin puff (entirely handmade dough meant ONLY for the purpose of making Eccles Cakes)

More extravagant than everyday shortcrust, In one cake 1,228 layers rise to perfection.  Generous amounts of currants, cinnamon and brown sugar give them a golden oven tanned patina. Three versions to tempt you:

Eccles Cake with no dairy, Eccles Cake baked with butter and Eccles Cake baked with butter and raspberry center


Macaroon Snow Creams

Fluffy clouds of coconut pillow - puffs of coconut cream. A gentle coverlet of meringue - lightly baked then snuggled with a maraschino cherry on top!

These Macaroon Snow Creams Rock!

Two versions - so hard to choose... the original or dipped in european chocolate

North Country Apple Tarts

These lovely tarts are made with the snap of a crisp, golden delicious apple to cleanse your palate. Our yellow juicy tarts are a welcomed treat, baked to perfection in lemon juice and butter with lots of cinnamon.

Warmly served with a dollop of cream anglaise - also outstanding with a farmhouse cheddar - who can resist?

Chocolate Cream Buns

(an old recipe I acquired from London England's Grand Savoy Hotel)

Babied with soft yellow custard and hugged in a mantel of fudge fondant, simply said, these cream buns are utterly tempting!

Home baked Scones!

Afternoon 'cream teas' are as english as a devon hedge grow, where travelers often come upon a farmhouse gate with a sign offering 'cream teas'

These wonderful scones are slathered with clotted cream so heavy it stands on its own and a dollop of jam crowns the peak

Our moist buttery scones are surprisingly light and bursting with fruit.

Flavors include:

•Classic Currant

Strawberry Oatmeal

Maple Oatmeal

Apple Pecan

Lemon Blueberry

Cream Corn (jam in center)


Lemon-Orange Citrus Glaze

Cinnamon Pecan

Wild Blueberry

In addition, we carry authentic clotted cream imported from England to accompany our scones.

To ensure perfection we are careful to measure our ingredients exact as the recipes of old.

Available in packages of four, it is recommended that you only freeze scones up to two months in carefully sealed bags to extend their five day shelf life.

Chocolate Ganache Torte

A richer, smoother torte you will not find! A moist dark chocolate cake between two ganache layers. Tastes seductively elegant.  It is then embedded in a ganache glaze and joined by fresh chocolate dipped strawberries then crowned with grated white lindt chocolate, encircled with a toasted almond border. A luscious crown indeed.


Chelsea Buns

(sticky sticky buns!)

Our pecany, brown sugared buns are

the best!

A super, buttery yeast bread topped with brown sugar and studded with pecans is light yet rich.

This special brioche-like bread says 'autumn' to me - likely because I love them steaming right out of the oven... sure to lure even the sleepiest heads out of bed in the morning


Cinnamon Sweetbread Buns

Sweetbread will never be the same! Cinnamon lovers rejoyce - these sweetbread buns will make your fellow socialites envious

Scotch Bonny Biscuits

(Petticoat Tails to some)

Fancy short bread biscuits blessed with pure devonshire cream between two layers and ordained in irish chocolate - their delicate texture and moist flavor make them melt in your mouth - we only use the finest ingredients! How divine is that?


Banana Tea Bread

How can a scrumptious fruit bread be irresistible? many mashed bananas with aged skins are an absolute prerequisite for our twenty-two ounce moist banana bread loaf.  Enticing banana liqueur mixed into the batter gives it extra zing and zest!


Long John Sticks

(London Logs)

Rolling in cinnamon, our cinnamon scented Long Johns are excited by drizzles of chocolate and vanilla fondant as they playfully wrap around tempting puff pastry.  Enjoy with a cup of Espresso or Chi tea and don't forget to dunk - yes they are great dunking sticks!


Lindsor Tort

(Authentic Scottish Highland's Recipe)

Our luxury shortbread are golden color on the edges and the color of butter over all with a raspberry center.  An exquisite combination of flavors you are sure to love.


Traditional Oatmeal Biscuits with Rasins

Although more unpretentious than fancy, our humble oatmeal rasin biscuits 'beat the band' - always receiving rave reviews... 'oh what delicious hearty flavor'....'Wow! what great homey texture just like my mom used to make'... or ...'best oatmeal raisin ever'! So let me share a secret (just between us) a well kept secret from our family recipe book... Although we use butter and rosemary honey finely proportioned, our main ingredient is wholesome thick-cut 100% mature irish oats - why it makes all the difference! Oatmeal raisin biscuits are even more enticing with a large glass of fresh cold milk